I’m in arrears with payday loans! What to do?

“Do you want to repair your home budget? Maybe you need money to pay debts? You will definitely need a quick injection of cash, without checking the BIK. ” – Many people are looking for this type of offer because of their low creditworthiness. Unfortunately, it often happens that insufficient funds do not allow timely repayment of payday loans.

What to do in this situation, so as not to be harassed and not suffer the unpleasant consequences of failure to pay installments? Some people decide to extend the repayment period by paying so that no penalty interest is charged.

This is a good solution – only if – if you are sure that after the period for which you extend the payment period you will be able to pay off your debt. What to do if you do not want to extend the repayment period?



If you are aware that your budget will not be able to support the previously agreed installments, go to the lender to negotiate the terms of the contract with him.

However, it often happens that borrowers are denied because the creditor is not satisfied with the conditions under which the debtor would like to pay back his liability. What to do in that case?

It’s best to get the help of specialists dealing with this type of matters, i.e. mediators who are professional negotiators. Their task is, among others settlement of the financial dispute between the debtor and the creditor, thanks to which they will be able to negotiate repayment terms and conditions corresponding to both parties.

What are the costs of an unpaid loan?

What are the costs of an unpaid loan?

First of all, interest for late repayment (in the amount of statutory interest together with additional company interest). In addition, loan companies charge their debtors with other additional costs, such as: – fees for each reminder (voice or SMS), – fees for sending payment requests.

Each can cost from a dozen to several dozen zlotys – prices depend on the loan companies. It is worth remembering that the fees associated with overdue payments are greater for payday loans than for bank loans.

You should also take into account the fact that some companies enter their debtors in the register, which automatically negatively affects the credit history.

Debt recovery


The lenders themselves try to recover the debt or resell it to a debt collection company so that they can recover the debt on their behalf. Debt collection companies should indicate the amount of debt and its legal basis (in this example an unpaid loan in this example), payment deadline and account number to which the payment should be made.

Remember! “When the case is at the stage of debt recovery, the debtor has the right to defend himself against aggressive and forceful methods of enforcing money from him.

Even if you have not paid on time, you have the right to notify the Prosecutor’s Office or the Police about the methods used by the debt collector that are against the law (…) ” – excerpt from the book” Debt relief – effective ways of getting out of debt “. If you feel helpless with respect to the creditor and each time you meet with the refusal to renegotiate the terms of repayment obligations – order your case Hercule Poirot!