Is it good to buy housing by construction and real estate company?

The purchase of housing by construction and real estate companies, gives you better security. They strive to offer a better quality of life for Colombians.

Large investments


They make large investments in the various projects in urban and rural sites of the country. They stand out for keeping all types of buildings within the market. We can list the buildings in a closed complex, shopping centers, schools, commercial offices, warehouses and stores, among others.

In Colombia, some construction and real estate agencies have been awarded for developing projects with quality designs and modern architecture. The visible of these companies is in their goals and strategies. They are addressed and accommodated to the needs of people who wish to buy housing.

The construction and real estate companies that stand out


They are recognized for their large-scale projects in design, quality, finishes, innovation, technology, spaces, comfort. They are spaces built for all kinds of buyers, including:

These, have managed to keep their clientele for many years, and of course! They have increased their sales during recent times.

How is the mortgage loan offered by the construction and real estate company financed?

How is the <a href=mortgage loan offered by the construction and real estate company financed?” />

There are many banks that finance the housing construction project. Speaking at this time of spaces built for Colombian families who have made the decision to make important changes in the heritage area.

As in any family that directs its purpose to the purchase of housing. We observe that after several visits when looking at the housing models offered by the construction and real estate. There it is, when you say … This is it!

Then, the process of the mortgage loan begins, because it only has to pay 30% of the value of the house. The remaining 70%, in general, is financed by the bank that supports the housing construction project. Although not in all cases it happens in this way, then, it is the buyer who defines the most successful option.

The above, we should not ignore it, because it is essential to make the best decision, since it is a heritage that can shelter us all our lives.